Anti Theft - Security Alarm System

Anti Theft – Security Alarm System in Chennai,India

Anti Theft – Security Alarm System

ECHIP offers multiple anti-theft security alarm systems including interior intrusion detection systems, inclination sensing devices and battery backed-up sounders. Designed to comply with governmental and insurance regulations, E Chip Control Systems trigger an alarm when movement is detected in the Home or vehicle’s interior. When equipped with an optional inclination sensor, the system also triggers an alarm when a change in inclination (lifting or tilting) is detected. This combination of detection makes ECHIP interior detection systems extremely sensitive, reliable and robust against false alarms.

ECHIP also has the ability to up-integrate interior intrusion electronics into a roof module assembly. When implemented in this configuration, a sounder provides the alarm.

Product offerings include:

  • Standalone/integrated ultrasonic interior protection
  • Standalone/integrated inclination sensor
  • Standardized ultrasonic interior protection with inclination sensing
  • Sounder application with or without inclination sensing
  • Sounder with protective metallic housing


  • Helps protect against theft of vehicle, content and component (wheel, audio/navigation system, etc.)
  • Helps protect against tow-away theft
  • Offers packaging flexibility to meet specific styling requirements
  • Complies with insurance and regulation requirements
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery-backed sounder will function even when disconnected from the vehicle battery


  • Microprocessor with digital signal processing
  • Pulse-echo and continuous-wave algorithm
  • Inclination angle storage, regardless of park position
  • Two sensor types, ultrasonic and inclination, both of which can trigger an alert
  • Rechargeable battery on the sounder
  • Serial line interface on the sounder using heartbeat feature to detect a shortage
  • Closed tool chain for simulation and configuration