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  • Smart-Home-Automation-System


    E Chip Control Systems offers Smart Home Automation Solutions with RF Remote Controller,RFID,NFC,Bluetooth,WiFi,GSM/GPRS based wireless control,Electromagnetic Lock,RFID Door Lock in Chennai,India

    What is Automation?

    An Automation System at your Home or Office help you control Temperature (Heating, Ventilation & Airconditioning), Surveillance & Access Control System, Curtains and all your Entertainment Audio Video Devices with click of buttons or through a handheld device like Tablet or Smart Phone.

    Why Automate?

    With the latest invention in Technology it has become possible to make our Home & Office ‘Tech Savvy’ with Smart Technology that is available at affordable cost. This offers us better security, energy saving and easy & comfort in operating various devices.

    Energy Efficiency / Cost Saving / Being Green

    Implementation of  automatic light on & off based on motion controller or lumax sensors allow us save electricity and therefore not only results in significant cost saving but also protects climate.

    Access Control

    Allow us use smart access control devices & security locks and also manage operations with ease at the same time enhancing overall security at entrance points.


    Implementation of latest camera allows us with live feeds and recordings. The entire system can run in an integrated manner with access control & alarm system. This enhances overall security of home & office.

    Audio Visual & Home Entertainment System

    Automation allows control all Audio Video devices with centralized control. One can stream music or video files from handheld devices on to LED TV’s wirelessly.

    Why us?

    Our Solution Team designs solutions built around latest & modern Technology with focus on overall integration which allow centralized control. Automation Solutions are built using future growth platforms so that your investment remains protected for a long time at the same time offering you many benefits.

    Benefits & Features

    • Flexibility
    • Reliability
    • Centralized Control
    • Ease of use
    • Convenient
    • Saves Time
    • Quick ROI

    Our Solutions portfolio include:

    • Audio Video System Integration Board Room / Meeting Rooms / Auditorium
    • Public Announcement System
    • Lighting Automation
    • Energy Monitoring and Conservation
    • Curtain Automation
    • Fire Security Systems
    • Surveillance Solutions
    • Access Control Systems
    • Power Trunking
    • Water Management System
    • EPABX, Video Door Phones, Intercom
    • Elevator Control
    • Visitor Management