Beam Detector

Beam Detector in Chennai

Beam Detector

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An infrared detector that sounds a buzzer when an IR beam is broken, meaning the IR signal is lost. A pulsed IR signal generator is necessary, but not included in this post. This project would be ideal for doorways or hallways to alert when someone enters or exits an area.

Active Infrared Beam Detectors (IR Beams) adopt the invisible infrared detection technology. It consists of a receiver and a transmitter, the transmitter emits 2-4 infrared beam, and the receiver will receive the infrared beam.

Infrared Fence Beams sensors are effective and unobtrusive methods for greatly increasing the level of protection at your home or business. Based on infrared technology, they can be configured to monitor the perimeter, driveways, swimming pools and unauthorized areas. These systems detect both people and vehicles and as such, are extremely versatile.

Hardwired Infrared Fence & Beam Detector can work with hardwired alarm panels, Unifore can provide mono-crystalline silicon solar panel for power supply of IR beam motion detectors.

Unifore pioneered and developed infrared beam sensors. Although imitated by others, Unifore’s quality and innovation has never been successfully duplicated by competitors. ┬áThat’s the reason why Unifore security beam detectors are employed in the most demanding and critical installation. Besides the enhanced performance, Unifore security beam detectors are value priced and easy to install.