Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator in Chennai,India

Ozone Generator 

E Chip Control Systems is the leading Manufacturer of Ozone Generator,Ozone Air Purifier in Chennai,Tamil nadu,India.


The ECHIP CONTROL SYSTEMS is designed for disinfection of large commercial swimming
pools,Waste Water Treatment Plant. Ozone provides effective treatment against chlorine resistant
micro-organisms and significantly improves water clarity.
The ECHIP Ozone generators are self contained, with air pre-chiller, integral
air dryer, dewpoint monitoring system, ozone generation equipment
and full electrical controls.

All components are housed within one enclosure, with internal
partitioning and removal access doors for ease of maintenance.
Both the air drying system and the ozone generation system
operate under vacuum conditions thereby eliminating the risk of
ozone gas escape.



Ozone is produced when air is passed over a dielectric ozone
generating module. The ECHIP range incorporate the patented ‘Free
Tube’ module design which give excellent dielectric reliability and
decreases maintenance requirements. The ozone modules have
a PVC outer body fitted with stainless steel liner tubes to give
excellent resistance to chlorinated water allowing pool water to be
used in the generator cooling system. The dielectric tubes and
electrodes are suspended within the liner tubes which removes all
expansion stresses from the dielectrics which results in maximum
reliability and long life.

The ozone power supply system incorporates a Microcontroller based High frequency inverter
that increases the mains frequency to maximise ozone production
and also allows fully variable automatic control of the ozone
All models can be supplied either with constant ozone output or
with totally automatic ozone output variation and easy to operate
electrical controls.


Ozone Generator for Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Ozone Generator for Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Ozone Generator for Swinmming Pool

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