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PCB Design in Chennai

PCB Design 

E Chip Control Systems,Chennai offers PCB Design,PCB Layout Design,Schematic Design,Circuit Design,Hardware Design, High Speed PCB Design Services, Component Library Creation,EMI Analysis,Thermal Analysis and Signal Integrity Analysis with emphasis on Quality On-time deliverables. Our Design cycle evolves with Process oriented approach, minimum customer involvement, maximum Customer & Design requirement and error free timely output delivery. PCB design service activity is carried out by a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to customer services and interaction. We also undertake customized unconventional PCB design for various Form factors with very high mechanical constraints.

We are specialised in offering design services which can be on turnkey basis or with limited involvement in the project. Our core expertise lies in area of PCB Design, ASIC/FPGA design, Contract manufacturing including proto-typing to production and highly specialised software development in embedded domain.

Our technical team is fully equipped with various skills on various domains which in turn helps the clients in reducing the time to market with cost advantage.

Our Services include system architecture, Design capture,layout, complete Design Analysis, Production test program and setting up production line for PCB manufacturing, assembly and test.


  • Over 6000+ complex and HDI designs completed in 5 years.
  • Expertise in High speed digital, Mixed signal, Analog & Power boards.
  • Innovative design methods in Fine Pitch Micro BGA designs.
  • Handled upto 0.37mm BGA pitch designs with 2 mil/ 2mil track/spacings.
  • Design technologies with stacked and staggered µ via HDI technology.
  • Integrating Mechanical & Electrical CAD data for assembly verification.
  • Board level, System level SI , PI, EMI/EMC & Thermal analysis.
  • High bit rate (~ 15Gbps) analysis for serial I/O designs.
  • Signal performance analysis for Reflections, Timing, BER, EYE opening.
  • DC drop analysis in power supply rails due to copper losses.
  • Custom Programs: Over the years we have developed custom programs and scripts to gain efficiencies, improve quality and augment the current design tools.