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Automatic Rescue Device in Chennai

Automatic Rescue Device in Chennai,India

Automatic Rescue Device

 E Chip Control Systems is the leading Manufacturer of Lift Controller,Elevator Controller,ARD,Automatic Rescue Device,Door Drive,Automatic and Manual Door Controller for Elevator,Dot Matrix Display for Lift and Elevator,Voice Anounciator for Lift in Chennai,Tamil nadu and all over India.

The AUTOMATIC RESCUE DEVICE is the safest automatic elevator evacuation device designed for VF Elevators. The Automatic Rescue relates to a new concept and design and operates the elevator controller at rated voltage to perform the evacuation operation.


The Automatic Rescue works on the principle of powering and operating the Elevator Controller at rated Voltage to perform the Rescue operation. The Rescue device interfaces with the ES Drive which has a unique feature of “Low voltage DC operation” to operate the Elevator Motor with Low voltage Battery.


The Automatic Rescue comprises of three-phase space vector modulated inverter and a state of the art high frequency battery charger with four operating modes of charging.


During Mains power ON, it monitors the power and continuously charges the Batteries. In the event of power failure, the Rescue device will activate within the predetermined “response time”. The Powerful Inverter will produce and supply 3-Phase, 400V, sinusoidal power to the Controller. The Controller is now energized with 3-Phase power and will run the Motor in the Up direction at low speed and bring the Elevator to the immediate next floor and opens the door automatically. Upon opening the doors, the trapped passengers shall exit and the Rescue will shut the Inverter to prevent any further battery drain. When normal power resumes, the Smart Rescue will automatically switch over the Controller to Normal Operation.



  • Controller is housed in a sleek compact floor mounted Cabinet with hinged doors.
  • Microprocessor based control and space vector modulated Inverter.
  • State of the art Battery charger with four charging modes- Trickle, Bulk, Float and Full.
  • Operates on 3-Phase, 400V, 50 Hz Power.
  • The Smart Rescue is the safest evacuation device as it has no interface with safety circuit of Elevator.
  • No interface with any operating component of elevator- Motor, Brake, Door Operator, Rcam, etc..
  • Hand-held LCD Display diagnostic test tool for On line operation status, Site Programming and Field test mechanism.
  • Ride quality in Rescue mode is same as Elevator Ride with accurate leveling (as the VF Drive runs the Motor during Rescue operation).
  • Very simple interface and easy and quick to install.
  • More reliable as the entire Rescue operation is achieved by producing 3-Phase power.
  • Consistent performance throughout service life of battery as the battery voltage does not affect the output 3-Phase Voltage.

Technical Specification

Normal Power Supply 380V/400V/415V AC, 3Phase
Input Frequency 50 Hz
Inverter Output Voltage 400V AC, 3-Phase, +/- 10%
Output Frequency 50 Hz +/- 2%
Nominal Battery Voltage 72V, 6 X 12V
Type of Battery Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF)
Battery Life 4 years
Maximum Backup Time 4 minutes
Inverter Efficiency >85%
Cooling System Natural Air cooling


Duty combination LSVF Geared Elevators from 0.4m/s upto 1.0m/s
Max. Motor Capacity 12KW
Controller type ECHIP VF Controller
Door Operator Any Power Operated doors or Manual Entrances
Speed during Rescue Run 1/12 (4 Hz) of Nominal Elevator speed
Maximum distance between floors 10m
Battery Type Sealed Maintenance Free
Max. Rescue runs per day 10
Rescue Operation Performs Rescue operation for Total power failure or single Phasing