Ozone Leak Monitor

Ozone Leak Monitor in Chennai,India

Ozone Leak Monitor


The ECHIP Fixed Ozone Monitor is a low cost feature-packed ozone monitor designed for a wide range of indoor and industrial applications. The monitor comes with an integrated LCD display, RS232 and 0-5V outputs and audible alarm, which can be configured to a user defined set point. It also comes with a 12VDC power supply that plugs directly into the monitor and mains power allowing for easy set up and installation.

The ozone sensor board is factory set to one of three optional firmware settings to control the relay and alarm functionality:

  1. Alarm above – The relay is programmed to energise above the selected set point. Typical applications include health and safety alarm warning systems and switching external equipment on and off.

  2. Alarm below – The relay is programmed to energise below the selected set point. Typical applications include fail safe warning systems and control of an ozone generator.

  3. Control 10% – The relay is programmed to open and close ±10% within a user selected control band. Typical applications include maintaining a specific ozone concentration between user defined levels via the control of an external device e.g. an ozone generator.

The ozone sensors available for this product can be seen in the sensors tab. They use ECHIP designed Gas Sensitive Semiconductor sensors for improved accuracy and measurement. The ozone sensor modules can be easily replaced with a new module or returned to ECHIP for recalibration.


  • LCD display

  • 12VDC power adaptor

  • Ozone sensor module with calibration certificate

  • RS232 digital output

  • 0-5V analog output

  • Internal piezo (85 db)

  • Wall mounting tabs


  • Plug and play monitor

  • Real-time ozone concentrations shown continuously on display

  • Multiple outputs for control of external devices e.g. an ozone generator

  • Alarm options to signal ozone exceedences for health and safety

  • Active sampling for improved accuracy

  • Replaceable ozone sensor board which can be sent back for recalibration

  • Compatible with two ranges of ozone sensor


  • Leak detection

  • Health and safety monitoring

  • Process control

  • Indoor air quality monitoring