Syringe Pump


A syringe pump is a device which can either infuse or withdraw liquid samples/fluids, at user defined flow rates and with selectable target volumes. Syringe pumps with simultaneous infusion and withdrawal with opposing syringes on a single drive, are also available.

    Syringe pumps are widely used in medical field as well as in laboratory and research fields.

    Applications of syringe pumps includes electro spinning, electro spraying, micro dialysis, dispensing/dilution, organ/tissue perfusion and fluid circulation.

    Syringe pumps are also useful in microfluidic applications, such as micro reactor design and testing, and in chemistry for slow incorporation of a fixed volume of fluid into a solution.


Syringe Pump

syringe pump is a small positive displacement pump used to gradually dose precise amounts of fluid for use in chemical and biomedical research.

Why use a laboratory syringe pump?

The top three reasons to use a ECHIP syringe pump in your research:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Precision
  3. No pulsation

Syringe pump systems offer multiple orders of magnitude, better precision, and much better accuracy than their medical syringe pump counterparts. In addition, ECHIP syringe pumps have no pulsation, compared to peristaltic or piston pumps, which ensures a continuous flow.

How low can flow and volume delivery go?

Nanoliter flow rates and volumetric accuracy are easily achievable with any ECHIP syringe pump.

Operational elements of a syringe pump:

  1. Pusher Block: contacts the plunger, initiating flow.
  2. Syringe Clamps: hold syringes in place during operation.
  3. Release Nut: allows manual positioning of syringe pusher block.
  4. Interface: lets you to easily program in flow rates and volumes—with programming that allows you lookup syringe sizes and schedule delay times.

Manual micro syringe pump is a convenient instrument for controlled dispensing or withdrawal of fluids. It provides economical method for any application requiring injecting / withdrawing a calibrated volume under manual control. It can be employed in applications like chromatography, micro injections etc.

Features :

    Smooth and continuous mode of operation

    Automatic dispensing of small volumes

    Better flow performance

    Easy to configure

    Vibration and noise free working

    Choice of unit selection for flow rate & Duration / Target volume

    RS-232 interface for computerizing

    Constant delivery of fluids


    Multi-size syringes

    Compatible with glass, plastic and SS syringes

    Front panel with keyboard and display for programming

    Non-volatile memory of all parameters and programming

    Unparalleled ease of use

    In Built syringe table

    Dispensing accuracy of +/- 1 %