Flow Wrapper Machine



1. Compact construction for reducing space required. 
2. Bag length indication ensures fast and accurate length adjustment.

3. Specially designed feeding system is available for packing soft and sticky products.

4. Equipped with precision photocell sensor for film tracing control. 

Optional Accessories:


1. Gusset device

2. Date coder

3. Adjustable bag former

4. Stainless steel machine frame 


Flow Wrapper Machine

Flow Wrapper Machine,The flow wrap machines ideally adjust in packaging products of different shapes like cubical, cylindrical, conical and similar shapes. The distinctive premium features are its flexible speed that helps pack up to 200 (or more) packs per minute, preventing the wastage of packaging material because the pouch adjusts itself while packaging materials of different weights. The machine also has an inbuilt photoelectric system with proper lining adjustment for the film feed

The Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine will adjust itself to products of different length / width / height giving a complete air tight sealing. The machinery has adjustable configuration for different pouch sizes. Our horizontal flow wrapping machines implements advanced technology to achieve package quality and operation efficiency. The machines are designed using the servo technology that gives an upgraded performance. The machines are custom built to the specific requirements of the industry in an effort to deliver solutions that are closer to the client’s purpose and budget. We can also optimally fit the following components like Nitrogen Flushing Unit, Hole punching Device, automatic product feeding system and Packing Film Perforation Device.


  • High flexibility.
  • Process automation.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Less material usage.
  • Reduced labour requirements.
  • Less seal contamination.
  • Less vacuum leakages.