DC Motor Controller

DC Motor Controller

DC Motor Controller

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  • Control the speed of a DC motor with this controller.
  • High efficiency, high torque, low heat generating.
  • With reverse polarity protection, high current protection.
  • The speed control switch fit for brushed motor.

Our DC motor driver family provides the simplest and most flexible IC solution available for driving brushed DC motors.

Features that simplify designs include integrated power MOSFETs and a charge pump-less power architecture that provides integrated current limiting and flexible current regulation modes. Monitoring and safety features such as overvoltage, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection, along with fault diagnostics ensure robust performance.  In addition, ultra low RON and a flexible supply voltage enable cooler running temperatures for long lived operation.  


12 V DC Motor Controller,

12 V 10 A DC Motor Controller,

24 V DC Motor Controller,

24 V 10 A DC Motor Controller,

180V DC Motor Controller,

24V DC Motor PWM Speed Controller,

180V DC Motor PWM Speed Controller,

PMDC Motor Speed Controller,

BLDC Motor Speed Controller,

E Bike Motor Speed Controller,

DC motor driver

12V DC motor driver

24V DC motor driver

12V 10 A DC motor driver

24V 10 A DC motor driver

180V DC motor driver

180V DC motor PWM  driver

Driver module features:

1, the basic components of the drive module body placement, highly integrated, well-designed board layout, very beautiful, very small, single-board power DC motor drive, the drive module size of only 56mm * 38mm;

2, when the drive motor, the module maximum rated current up to 30A, and conduction only 0.0015 ohm resistor;

3, the switching frequency is high, the most up to 60KHZ, thus effectively avoiding the low frequency of commissioning motor brings unpleasant;

4, the control interface is very simple:

To brake A1.A2 = 0.0 pm;

A1.A2 = 1.0 when forward;

A1.A2 = 0.1 when reversing;

PA PWM wave input (motor speed adjustment) for;

G is the control board common ground pin;

5V control voltage output of 200mA,

6,3.3V and 5V MCU can control this module, and only need the way the motor power (12V ~ 48V)

Driver module mechanical parameters:

1) length width high = 56 mm * 38 mm * 20 mm;

2) distribution of the four positioning hole 3 mm, the spacing of 48 mm * 30 mm;