RF Remote Based Industrial Control Systems

RF Remote Based Industrial Control Systems

RF Remote – RF Remote Controller – Industrial Wireless Control Systems
        RF Remote Based Industrial Control Systems is used to control different electrical or mechanical machines wirelessly

Echip Control Systems an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, installation and service of wireless automation and control solutions, Echip Control Systems delivers a full range of cost-effective, reliable and robust communication and remote control products, focused on improving safety and efficiency and productivity in machine operations.

We can provide comprehensive solutions for any industry, with products ranging from joystick and toggle controls to collision avoidance systems and communication products. They are ideal for operators of locomotives, railcar movers, ship loaders, overhead bridge cranes, mining and a variety of material handling and mobile equipment.

We are dealing 2 channel,4 channel,6 channel and 8 channel RF transmitter and Receiver modules for home and industrial automations.

Industrial Remote Control Systems for Preventing Unauthorized Vehicle Movement Driver authorization system is necessary in the field of bulk transport. It is also required in the field of Bulk Fuel Delivery Trucks. The Driver Authorization System designed with the modern wireless hydraulic remote control system is widely popular among the industrial operators. However, there are so many manufacturers who mainly design Driver Authorization Systems specifically for commercial vehicles and machinery. This is a unique system which is used to protect the vehicle from unauthorized engine start or movement depending on the customer’s application. The system generally the following features: A keypad Unit is available with hidden enclosure screws A sealed parking brake low pressure switch is provided with DOT quick connect T fitting Sealed engine kill relay is also available All the systems are provided with proper installation guide All the components are pre-wired with quick connect electrical and air line fittings supplied.

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