Volumetric Cup Filling Machine


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Volumetric Cup Filling Machine

Volumetric Cup Filling Machine

A Vertical Form Fill sealing Machine for producing centre seal / Three side seal / four side sealed sachets for handling all types of Granules & Spices.

We manufacture and export Form filling and sealing machines .This machine is used for packing of powder and free flowing products. Automatic pouch packing machine(Chute type) fitted with volumetric cup filling system is used to pack only dry granular and free flowing powder items such as Rice, Tea, Pulses, Detergents, Seeds, Cereals, Sugar, Salt, Glass Beads etc.

Power Supply : 230V Single Phase

Power Consumption : 1.5 Kw

Speed : 1200-1800 pkts / hr (depending on packing size)

Range : 10-100gms;25-250 gm 50-500gms;200 to 1000gms.

Packing Material : Any Laminated Polythene Poly, Metal Poly & Aluminum Poly etc.