Automatic Weigh Filling Pouch Packing Machine


Speed: 10~12 Bags/ Minute Range: 1kg-5kg/ Customize Made Bag Type: Open Mouth Bag/ Pre-made Bag / Stand Pouch Bag Material: PP/ PE/ Nylon/ Laminated Applicable: Grains, Beans, Seeds, Rice, Nuts, Coffee, Sugar, Salt, Animal Feed, Plastic Resin, Wood Pellet…etc.

This machine is highly efficient, durable and works on a high speed. A separate display panel is also provided with this machine for providing easy monitoring & controlling of the process. We have used quality raw material in manufacturing our range which ensures its high performance.


  • Robust design
  • High efficiency
  • Excellent finishing
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Automatic Weigh Filling Pouch Packing Machine

Automatic Weigh Filling Pouch Packing Machine features a Multi Lane Scale with automatic bagger and exit conveyor. Speeds of up to 35-40 bags per minute can be realized depending on size bags, product type and and weight of fill. Sugar, rice, chips, cookies, candy, dried fruit, lentils, powders, nuts, garlic, ginger roots, berries to name a few products can be packaged with this set-up.

Application :

  • Fill free flowing grains, pulses, seeds, salt, tea powder, coffee beans, maize, coffee powder, coconut powder, nuts, candies, dried fruits, pasta, vegetables, snacks, pet food, namkeen, low weighing engineering products and many more.

Features :

  • Batch coding device (Inkjet or Hot foil coding)
  • The out take conveyor
  • Check weigher and metal detector
  • Bucket elevator
  • The hole puncher
  • Paper cutting position and web tracking can be adjustable
  • Gusting forming
  • Vacuum pump in used to hold the pouch and making in to proper shape
  • Construction made on SS 304
  • Use the digital sensors to enhance speed precision and anti Jamming.
  • With stable 10 / 14 bucket structure, to choose the best combination instantaneously from abundant weight combinations by computer
  • The opening and closing speed of Weigher happens can be adjust to be avoiding material Falling into pieces or being blocked
  • Controlled by PLC, advance technology and easy to operate.
  • Accuracy : +/- 0.5 to 5g depending on the grains size and variation of product.
  • Multiple fills for bulk weight Advanced digital signal processing and high speed and stable weighing.
  • Rejecting function: all over weight or down weight products will be rejected by the weigher automatically, so that will be easy to reweigh and save the packing film.