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    Smart Home Automation

    Multi Channel RF Remote Controller


    Voltage: 6V
    Working frequency: 433mhz
    Extremely easy to set up and use
    Copies most radio frequency fixed code remote controls
    Learning face to face in seconds
    Only copy of a fixed code, can not be copied rolling code
    Covers application ranging from simple domestic remote control to autonomous control, including car alarms, home alarms, panic buttons, garage door, rolling curtain, etc.
    Compatible with 2262 / 2260 / …

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    Packing Machines

    Auger Filler Machine

    A Vertical Form Fill sealing Machine for producing centre seal / Three side seal / four side sealed sachets for handling all types of free flow powders

    Power Supply : 415 Volt three phase

    Power Consumption : 3 Kw

    Speed : 900 – 1500 pkts / hr (depending on packing size)

    Range : 10-100gms;25-250gm; 50-500gms;200 to 1000gms.

    Packing Material : Any Laminated Polythene Poly, Metal …

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    Packing Machines

    Volumetric Cup Filling Machine

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