PLC Based Automation for Printing Machines

PLC Based Automation for Printing Machines

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PLC Based Automation Solutions for Printing Machines

PLC Based Automation Solutions for Printing Machines E Chip Control Systems is one of the leading manufacturer of PLC Electrical Control Panel for Printing Machines and Printing Industries.We are providing complete solutions for Stepper motor Speed Control,Servo Motor Speed Control,AC Motor Speed Control,DC Motor Speed Control,Automatic Plasma Treatment,Automatic UV Curing Systems,Temperature Control.

E Chip offers PLC Based Automation for Printing Machines,Printing Industries and Different Motor Control Applications in Chennai,India.


PLC Based Servo Motor Control

PLC Based Stepper Motor Control

PLC Based AC Motor Control

PLC Based DC Motor Control

VFD and PLC Based AC Motor Control

Conveyer System for Printing Industry

UV Curing Systems

Corona Treater

Plasma Treater

Main Objectives of E Chip

E Chip Control Systems provide turnkey solution, right from Project Planning, Management, Design, Development, Implementation, Onsite services & Training for the below Industries with our Solutions & Expertise.
PLC Expertise in Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Eaton – Moeller, Omron,
Delta, Fuji and etc

  • SCADA Expertise in Wonderware, iFix, Cimplicity, WinCC and etc
  • Programming, Control, Monitoring and Data Acquisition for
    • Special Purpose Machine
    • Assembly Line
    • Assembly Line Conveyer System
    • Motor control or Grinder application
    • Automated filling Machine
    • Injection Moulding Machine
    • Conveyors
    • Automatic Conveyer Systems
    • Wireless Conveyer Systems
    • Boiler or Furnace Control system
    • Water treatment
  • HMI Screen development for the above
  • PLC Programming with Barcode printing and Scanning
  • Expertise in Siemens, Allen Bradley, Eaton – Moeller, Mitsubishi, Delta, Omron, Schneider
  • Expertise in SCADA (Wonderware, Cimplicity, iFix, WinCC & etc…)
  • Line or Process Automation (Automating the existing manually operated production line)
  • Control Panel for Motor control, Grinder application, Injection Moulding Machine & etc
  • Substation Automation
  • Boiler or Oven or Furnace control system
  • Automated Painting system
  • Special Machine Automation (Poke Yoke Technology)
  • Automated Oil Filling station
  • Control Panels – Instrumentation & Control, MCC & Drive, APFC & etc… for Crusher Plant, Grinding Machine, Readymix Concrete Plant, Mixer Plant, Power Plant, Injection Moulding Machine, Hydraulic Power pack, Special Purpose Machine.