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PLC Based Automation Solutions for Printing Machines

PLC Based Automation for Printing Machines

PLC Based Automation for Printing Machines

PLC Based Automation Solutions for Printing Machines

PLC Based Automation Solutions for Printing Machines E Chip Control Systems is one of the leading manufacturer of PLC Electrical Control Panel for Printing Machines and Printing Industries.We are providing complete solutions for Stepper motor Speed Control,Servo Motor Speed Control,AC Motor Speed Control,DC Motor Speed Control,Automatic Plasma Treatment,Automatic UV Curing Systems,Temperature Control.

E Chip offers PLC Based Automation for Printing Machines,Printing Industries and Different Motor Control Applications in Chennai,India.


PLC Based Servo Motor Control

PLC Based Stepper Motor Control

PLC Based AC Motor Control

PLC Based DC Motor Control

VFD and PLC Based AC Motor Control

Conveyer System for Printing Industry

UV Curing Systems

Corona Treater

Plasma Treater

Main Objectives of E Chip

E Chip Control Systems provide turnkey solution, right from Project Planning, Management, Design, Development, Implementation, Onsite services & Training for the below Industries with our Solutions & Expertise.
PLC Expertise in Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Eaton – Moeller, Omron,
Delta, Fuji and etc

  • SCADA Expertise in Wonderware, iFix, Cimplicity, WinCC and etc
  • Programming, Control, Monitoring and Data Acquisition for
    • Special Purpose Machine
    • Assembly Line
    • Assembly Line Conveyer System
    • Motor control or Grinder application
    • Automated filling Machine
    • Injection Moulding Machine
    • Conveyors
    • Automatic Conveyer Systems
    • Wireless Conveyer Systems
    • Boiler or Furnace Control system
    • Water treatment
  • HMI Screen development for the above
  • PLC Programming with Barcode printing and Scanning
  • Expertise in Siemens, Allen Bradley, Eaton – Moeller, Mitsubishi, Delta, Omron, Schneider
  • Expertise in SCADA (Wonderware, Cimplicity, iFix, WinCC & etc…)
  • Line or Process Automation (Automating the existing manually operated production line)
  • Control Panel for Motor control, Grinder application, Injection Moulding Machine & etc
  • Substation Automation
  • Boiler or Oven or Furnace control system
  • Automated Painting system
  • Special Machine Automation (Poke Yoke Technology)
  • Automated Oil Filling station
  • Control Panels – Instrumentation & Control, MCC & Drive, APFC & etc… for Crusher Plant, Grinding Machine, Readymix Concrete Plant, Mixer Plant, Power Plant, Injection Moulding Machine, Hydraulic Power pack, Special Purpose Machine.


Automatic Plasma Treater

Automatic Plasma Treater

Automatic Plasma Treater

Automatic Plasma Treater

Plasma Surface Treatment

Plasma surface modification technology offers innovative solutions to adhesion and wetting problems in many industries. Component preparation using plasma is an important step prior to printing, bonding, painting, varnishing and coating processes. Plasma surface modification provides an economical solution for the cleaning and activation of component surfaces before further processing.

E Chip Control Systems,Chennai,India supplies both Atmospheric Plasma and Vacuum Plasma solutions to improve the surface energy of plastic and rubber components to ensure good adhesion of printing inks, paints, adhesives, coatings, potting materials etc. and for the surface cleaning of plastic, rubber and metal parts. Plasma surface modification equipment is widely used throughout a diverse range of industries and onto an ever increasing range of substrates.

Our growing list of customers includes many in the following industries: medical, automotive component, electronics, cable, ophthalmic, pipe and many more. Through our many years of experience and continuous product development we have become one of the leading suppliers of Plasma Surface Modification equipment.

Whatever your equipment needs are in the field of Plasma Surface Modification, E Chip Control Systems,Chennai,India is here to help you find the most appropriate surface modification technology and equipment to solve your problem.

Plasma Treatment

Plasma is generally described as an ionized gas or as an electrically neutral medium of positive and negative particles. “Ionised” refers to the presence of free electrons which are not bound to an atom or molecule. Plasma or “Radiant Matter” as it was known, was first identified by Sir William Crook in 1879. Radiant Matter was later called “Plasma” by Irving Langmuir in 1928.

Plasma is the most common type of matter in the known universe whether measured by mass or volume. Every star is a giant ball of plasma, even the space between all of the stars is composed of plasma. Plasma is considered to be the 4th state of matter after solid, liquid & gas. The state of matter can be changed by adding enough energy:

Solid + Energy = Liquid
Liquid + Energy = Gas
Gas + Energy = Plasma

In general terms, when you add enough energy to atoms or molecules, what happens very quickly is that the electrons around the nucleus start to “boil off”, the temperature becomes too high for them to stay in orbit around the nucleus; that in fact is the state of most of the known universe including the state of our nearby star, that incredibly hot ball of plasma, the Sun

Our products:

Automatic Plasma Treater,

Automatic Plasma Treater Services in Chennai,

Automatic Plasma Treater Services in India,

Plasma Treater Services in India,

Plasma Treater Services in Chennai,

Plasma Treatment Systems,

Plasma Treatment Equipment,

Plasma Treatment Machine,

Plasma Generator Machine,

Plasma Generator,

Plasma Generator Equipment,

Plasma Treater,

Corona Treater,

Plasma Cleaning,

Plasma Etching,

Plasma Cleaning Systems,

Plasma Surface Treater,


Automatic UV Curing Systems

Automatic UV Curing Systems

Automatic UV Curing Systems

Automatic UV Curing Systems

A World class product from E Chip Control Systems,Chennai,India. This machine can be used as Offline coater for UV & Aqueous coating as well as for primer coating. It can do full and spot UV varnish on thick & thin paper at the speed of  6000 or 10,000 sheets per hour. Conventional varnish or water based varnish can also be run on this machine.

This machine includes all technical solutions for easy operation and for increasing productivity. The machine is compact and solid built on a strong C.I. frame. It is reliable at any working speed. This machine is equipped with high grade hardened grounded gears for its smooth operation for years. The UV curing lamps used in it are one of the best in the world. It consists of total vacuum bed for smooth conveying of paper and board,efficient cooling system for lamps.

IR lamps are also used for water base varnish or smoothness of UV lacquer.


  • Precise registration at high speed using a precision adjustable  side and front lay.
  • Powerful stream feeder to handle stocks from 80 G.S.M to 450 G.S.M.
  • User adjustable Double Sheet Detector.
  • Maintenance free Varnish replenishment pump.
  • 2/3 UV Lamps of 300W/inch as optional.
  • Swing  Arm Gripper for high speed & accurate registration.
  • Micro adjustable front lays for easy and precise registration on the run.
  • Adjustable side lays are given for front and reverse jobs registration.
  • Delivery to accommodate a conveyor for hot air/U.V.dryers.
  • Pneumatically actuated Anilox roller and impression cylinder.
  • Quick change Anilox roller.
  • Doctor blade assembly with doctor blade angle adjustment.
  • Plate clamps suitable for clamping  blankets or photopolymer plates.
  • Full PLC control with digital touch screen human machine interface.
  • Curing speed of up to 10000 speed per hour.
  • Precise and Consistent coating weight with every job.