Sachet Packing Machine


Filling range varies from 0.5gm-20 gm

It gives output up to 100 pack per minute in 2 lane format

It gives output up to 200 pack per minute in 4 lane format

Size of the packs range from 30mm-75mm in width

Pack/sachet size ranges from 50mm-140mm in length

Max. reel dia. 400 mm on 76 m/m core

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Sachet Packing Machine

Our Sachet Packing Machines are known for their durability and performance. These machines are used for sachet packing in various domains and fulfills the requirements of many diversified clients in India.

Product Details:

Machine DimensionsStandard
Machine TypeAutomatic
Power ConsumptionStandard

Sachet Packer PNR-100, A Vertical Form Fill Seal Automatic Machine for producing most types of Powder & Granular Sachets

Product Range

Powders, Granules, Spices, Soup Mixes, Detergents, Pharmaceuticals and Agricultural powders, Tea, Coffee,

Filling Range

0.5 gm up to 50 gms., Depending upon bulk density of products.


From 20 packs per min up to 95 pack per min,Depending on product flow characteristics and pack size

Pack Size

Width from 30mm to 100mm, Length from 50 mm to 140mm. Extended size on request.

General Information

A Vertical Form, fill and Seal Machine for producing 3/4 side sealed sachet, handling all types of free flowing powders / granules. The machine speed is infinitely controlled from 0-95 cycles/minute Single reel film laminate stock reel feed. Max. reel dia. 400mm on 76mm core. Product dosing by cup filler. All parts in contact with product are made of high quality stainless steel. Sealing dies gear operated with complete pressure and temperature control on sachet seal area.